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There's an undeniable divide in Wisconsin between the North and the South. If you're one of the many for whom the word "Wisconsin" brings to mind images of Milwaukee and Madison and Green Bay, and the names Namekagon, Minong, and Chequamegon are barely pronounceable--you're not alone. But for the many who live here in Wisconsin's northwoods, vacation here, or just pass through on occasion...we know better. It's a destination that really does have it all.  

1. Traffic? What Traffic?

Leave your parking pass at home. Morning commutes, drive times, rush hours...they don't exist here. The closest thing you'll find to a gawker slowdown is a ten-car pile up behind a John Deere. We keep things moving, mind you, and we've got the traffic circles and round-a-bouts to prove it. But isn't slowing down a good thing? Perhaps that Sunday-drive feeling is why Northern Wisconsin is beloved as both home and home-away-from-home for so many.



    Northwest Wisconsin native Jessica de la Cruz is an Independent Marketing and PR Consultant, Writer, Creator, Chief Snow Shoveler, Volunteer and Mom.


    March 2014

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